Sections For Faith And Cultural Communities

The multicultural presence at Beechwood is unparalleled — everyone is welcome and we have a range of sections for faith and cultural communities.

In addition to English and French Canadians, many other people also choose Beechwood. Beechwood is proud to have sections set aside and specifically designed to meet the interment needs of the Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Lebanese, Latvian, Muslim, Polish, Portuguese, Ukrainian and Vietnamese communities.

Each cemetery section has taken on an awe-inspiring, spectacular and distinctive character. In fact, the region’s Chinese population has seen their section of Beechwood evolve into the Chinese Cemetery of Ottawa.

As well, families of Japanese, Filipino and Korean descent, and families of Southeast Asian countries, are buried throughout Beechwood.

Beechwood has assigned specially trained liaisons to deliver the services that our diverse cultural, ethnic and religious groups want. Our liaisons are also involved in many local community events and organizations.

In addition to speaking English, many of our staff also speak French, and some speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Toisan and Chiuchao, and Arabic. Upon request, Beechwood can coordinate translators for a number of other languages.

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