Legacy Matters Workshop ~ “Leave a Legacy or a Mess”

Borden Fleming Room - 280 Beechwood Avenue

Join us for this one-stop shop for everything pertaining to the settling of an Estate. This presentation will walk you through the many challenges of estate planning from the naming of Executors, proper documentation for Wills, Power of Attorneys, and the Importance of Advance Funeral Planning.

Through the power of story and hands-on exercises, you will gain the know-how on how to “Have the Talk” with your loved ones. We will begin with the documentation process of pertinent life details, legal matters, living wills and end of life directives. Concluding with the importance of preplanning and prepaying for their funeral in advance of need.

We hope you leave this lively event with a deep sense of purpose and accomplishment, safe in the knowledge that you have now indeed “taken care of business” for your loved ones by leaving them a legacy not a mess!

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