The RCMP National Memorial Cemetery

The Ottawa Division of the RCMP Veterans’ Association together with the Beechwood Cemetery Foundation initiated the development of the RCMP National Memorial Cemetery. Beechwood beautifully landscapes and maintains the property.


Open to current and retired members, civilian members, special constables, civil servants with 20 years or more of uninterrupted service with the RCMP and members of their families.


Visit the RCMP website to obtain an application form.

Burial Options

To demonstrate their commitment to RCMP members, Beechwood dedicated a plot of land with over 4,000 gravesites and built two granite walls with the capacity to hold thousands of niches in the years ahead.

Ground Interment

Families have the option of both casket burial and/or urn interment with up to eight urns per grave. Each location is designed to accommodate an upright monument with the member’s crest and surname prominently placed at the top. Monuments can be constructed in a variety of colours and designed to allow eight or more names, enabling multiple generations of casket or cremation burials in one location.

Columbarium Niches

Beechwood has constructed two granite columbaria for families choosing above-ground inurnment. Each location has room for two urns. Identification is placed prominently at the top on a bronze plaque along with the RCMP crest.


For no-obligation inquiries, contact one of our Beechwood liaisons at Beechwood, Funeral, Cemetery, and Cremation Services:

Tel: 613-741-9530
Fax: 613-741-8584


Make a donation to the RCMP National Memorial Cemetery

The RCMP National Memorial Cemetery Committee needs your support for current and future projects and programs. Beechwood Cemetery Foundation issues tax-deductible receipts for donations of $20 or more. The charitable registration number is 88811 2018 RR0001.

Make a donation to the RCMP National Memorial Cemetery