Veterans And War Dead

Beechwood has played a major role in ensuring that the sacrifices of our Canadian Veterans and War Dead are not forgotten. Beechwood’s Veterans and War Dead Section is the time-honoured final home of over 3,000 of our Canadian Veterans and War Dead.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) is responsible for over 210 war graves from both world wars, located mostly in Sections 27 and 29. The CWGC was established in 1917. Its duties are to work and maintain the graves of the forces of the Commonwealth who died in the two World Wars, to build and maintain memorials to the dead whose graves are unknown, and to keep records and registers. The Canadian Agency of the Commission is responsible for fulfilling these tasks in North America. Veterans’ graves, those who served and survived the wars but were subsequently buried at the expense of Canada, are located mostly in Sections 19, 27 and 29, and are the responsibility of Veterans Affairs Canada.

At Beechwood, Veterans and War Dead from the Northwest Rebellion, the World Wars, the Korean conflict, United Nations Campaigns and other conflicts and humanitarian missions rest shoulder to shoulder beside the leaders they served, including Generals Henry Crerar, Andrew McNaughton and Charles Foulkes. In 1944, the Crown (Veterans Canada) purchased Section 27 where 2,400 hallowed graves fan out from the CWGC’s Cross of Sacrifice, a central feature of this section.

The Ottawa Cremation Memorial, located in Section 27, is a shelter in which the CWGC maintains bronze plaques commemorating Commonwealth war dead whose remains were cremated in North America and bronze plaques commemorating Dutch war dead whose remains were cremated in Canada.

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