Winnie Hui

Cemetery Counsellor

Winnie was born in Hong Kong and came to Canada in 2000 to further her academic education. In 2002, she was nominated for the Spirit of the Capital Youth Awards, in recognition of her active involvement in the community.

Winnie’s extensive experience in customer service, which spans over 18 years, attests to her proficiency in this field. Winnie commits to providing an exceptional service which, along with her empathetic nature, motivated her to join the Beechwood family with a passion for serving families.

In addition, she is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, further enhancing her ability to serve diverse families. Winnie values spending quality time with her family and enjoying a shared love for diverse cuisines.

She also loves biking and visiting the cottage during the summer season to explore the beauty of nature with her family.


許苑茵(Winnie) 出生於香港,她於 2000 年來到加拿大繼續她的學術教育。 2002 年,她被提名為首都青年精神獎,以表彰她對社區的積極參與和貢獻。她在客戶服務方面擁有超過18年的豐富經驗,證明了她在該領域的精通程度。

Winnie致力於提供卓越的客戶服務,加上她和藹的性格,使她懷著為家庭服務的熱情而加入必治活的大家庭。 此外,她能說英語、廣東話和普通話,進一步提升了她為多元文化家庭服務的能力。

Winnie 重視與家人共度美好時光,共同享受對各種美食的熱愛。 她在夏季喜歡騎單車,露營和住在度假小屋 探索大自然的美景。