Adèle Vachon

Funeral Director

Adèle Vachon is an accomplished, fluently bilingual funeral director with more than two decades of experience in funeral services. Licensed in both Ontario and Québec, she obtained her Funeral Services and Embalming degree from Collège de Rosemont (Montréal, Québec), and upon graduating, received an Excellency Scholarship awarded by the Corporation des thanatologues du Québec.

She began her funeral director career working for a family owned Funeral Home, Cemetery and Crematorium in Drummondville, Québec. She then joined a Montréal-based funeral service provider. While working in Montréal, Adèle also obtained a part-time teaching position, which allowed her to share her passion for the funeral industry with students in Québec’s Funeral Services and Embalming Program.

She joined Beechwood in spring 2009 when her husband’s career moved them to the National Capital Region. Adèle brings to Beechwood, Cemetery and Funeral Services more than 30 years of experience and dedication for the families she serves.

Prior to becoming a funeral director, Adèle, among other projects, pursued undergraduate and graduate studies in anthropology, participated in community work with disadvantaged youth and participated in a highly gratifying humanitarian mission in Haiti.

When not working, she cherishes the time spent with her young family, taking advantage of the outdoors while practising various summer and winter sports/activities in the Gatineau Hills.