Beechwood celebrates 150 years of the RCMP, RCMP Veterans and their service to Canada.

2023 marks the 150-year anniversary of both Beechwood Cemetery and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Each founded in 1873, Beechwood has been the final resting place for hundreds of former Mounted Police officers and their families dating back over 150 years to the time of the original North-West Mounted Police.

To honour that proud tradition and help maintain that legacy, a group of volunteers representing RCMP Veterans and the RCMP have worked closely with Beechwood to develop a series of projects and ceremonies. These projects and ceremonies are only possible because of the generosity of our donors, like you, which has shaped the RCMP NMC at Beechwood into being a place of national significance, a peaceful eternity, and a place for the living to experience history.

The RCMP National Memorial Cemetery at Beechwood is proud to announce three ongoing fundraising initiatives that need community support.

  • RCMP Veterans’ Historical Pathway
  • Commemorative Pathway Plaque Program
  • RCMP NMC General Fund

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The Beechwood Cemetery Foundation needs your support to fund the diverse community projects and programs that assist in maintaining Beechwood as a National Historic Site and the National Cemetery of Canada, ensuring that this historic property will be maintained in the highest order for centuries to come.

As a registered Canadian charity, Beechwood issues an income tax receipt for all donations. Our charitable registration number is 88811 2018 RR0001.