In 2001, Beechwood was designated a National Historic Site because of its key role in preserving Canadian history by displaying an exceptional example of a 19th century rural cemetery design. Described as “naturalistic, pastoral and picturesque landscape”, the cemetery is lined with curving roads and hilly terrain, while different varieties of plants, shrubs, and tress fill the space between the monuments. 

“Beechwood Cemetery was also designated a national historic site because: it contains two very good examples of landscape expressing distinctive cultural traditions - the Chinese Cemetery designed according to Chinese religious principles, and a highly visible military cemetery; and it contains a concentration of mausolea, monuments, and markers of architectural and of historical interest that illustrate many aspects of the history of Canada, the Province of Ontario and Ottawa.”

Families who are served by Beechwood become part of this rich heritage, and can take comfort in knowing that an important part of Beechwood’s mission is to ensure that this historic property will be maintained in the highest order for centuries to come.

Beechwood proudly operates on a not-for-profit basis. As such, all funds are used for the maintenance, preservation and enhancement of this National Historic Site. That’s a beautiful thing to be a part of and comforting to many.

To see the full National Historic Site designation for the Beechwood Cemetery, click the link beow.