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Submitted by breilly on Fri, 02/02/2024 - 04:32:PM

Rebecca (Becky) Jane McGavin died on January 31, 2024, at the age of 75, in the arms of her family at home in Ottawa, Ontario.

Becky is survived by her husband, Michael Siddons, their son Jay Alexander and daughter Sarah Elizabeth. She is survived by her sister, Marilyn Wardrop, and her brothers and sisters-in-law, Ruth-Anne, Jay and Christine, Kim and Lisa, and John Strobele. She is further survived by her many nieces and nephews in Canada, Australia, and Europe. Becky was pre-deceased by her parents, Elizabeth and Hugh McGavin, her sisters Joan McGuire and Ida Strobele, and her brother Brian McGavin.

Born on March 23, 1948, in Altona, Manitoba, Becky was raised in southern Manitoba and moved to Ottawa with her family in 1961. After attending Rideau High School and Hillcrest High School, she graduated from Carleton University in 1972. Becky had a career in the federal civil service, notably at the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development as well as Health Canada.

Becky and her husband Michael loved and adored each other and had a loving and supportive marriage for over 50 years. Becky deeply loved her children Jay and Sarah and wholeheartedly supported their dreams and endeavours.

Becky was well-loved and had many dear friends. She was pre-deceased by her close friend Karen Waldick and is fondly remembered by her childhood and forever friend, Linda Martin Piazza, along with longtime friends Susan and Ross Reid, and Chris and Don Jarvis. The family treasures the many years of beautiful memories with Peter and Sylvia Pollock.

Known for her incredible kindness and infectious smile, Becky was a joy to her friends and family throughout her life, welcoming everyone with her warm and genuine nature. Becky loved to socialize and travel, having enjoyed many memorable dinner parties and vacations with her family and loved ones. Becky's companionship and her joyful approach to life will be deeply missed, and her memory will be forever cherished.

A Celebration of Life for family and friends will take place at 1:00 PM on Friday, March 22nd, 2024, at Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa, with a reception to follow.

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Sandra Russell Earle

My sincere condolences to Becky’s family . . . .

I first met Becky when we had both moved to Ottawa, she from Manitoba and me from BC. We were girlhood friends from grade 5 to grade 10 when her family moved to Alta Vista and Becky went to Hillcrest High School. Becky was always very pretty, was full of laughter and was fun to be around. We loved skipping Double Dutch, swimming in her apartment complex pool, sneaking a smoke in the storage room, skipping skating lessons to go to a movie, being gaga over movie stars and the latest music. Slumber parties were a favourite where we would stay up all night gossiping, sneaking around the neighbourhood and listening to music and dancing to the latest craze. We shared make-up tips with pink peppermint lipstick being a hit. Her Dad often would task us to wash his car (the kind with the huge wings on the back) for money or ice cream. I remember him calling her “Becks”. Her family even had a cabinet hi-fi system! I missed her when she moved away, but we did see each other occasionally during our high school years and once or twice in our twenties. I visited with Mike and Becky just once while I was visiting in Ottawa in the late seventies. We lost touch after that! I was so saddened to hear of her passing as I always hoped to reconnect with her. Becky was a part of my girlhood that I will never forget. Love to you my dear friend.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 03/21/2024 - 09:29:AM


Michael Horn

Dear Mr Siddons,
I'm so sorry about your wife's passing. I wish you and your family the best during this time of sorrow. Please receive my deepest condolences.

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