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Welcome to Beechwood. Cemetery, Funeral and Cremation Services.

Beechwood, Funeral, Cemetery and Cremation Services is owned by the Beechwood Cemetery Foundation and operated by The Beechwood Cemetery Company

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 FE-1071 - Funeral Establishment Operator - Class 1
     CR-02946 - Crematorium Operator 
     CM-02946 - Cemetery Operator
     The BAO’s Consumer Information Guide

Switching Your Plans to Beechwood

It’s easy and free to transfer your plans to Beechwood. If you have made pre-existing arrangements somewhere else for cremation and/or commemorative services (funerals, life celebrations, memorial services, visitations and informal gatherings), you can easily transfer them to Beechwood with no transfer fee. Beechwood will manage all the details on your behalf.

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