Beechwood offers families a wide range of urns to hold the cremated remains. Urns made of bronze, pewter, granite, wood and other materials are all available.

Even when cremation is selected for final disposition of the remains, a casket may be present for the visitation/informal gathering and commemorative events prior to cremation — click here for information about casket options. Below is a sampling of some of the many options Beechwood provides, for more information call 613-741-9530.

Urn Burial Options

For urn burial (interment) following cremation, Beechwood offers a broad range of location choices, either in-ground or above-ground, throughout our botanical gardens, rockeries, hostas gardens as well as in our traditional areas. Click here to learn about Cremation at Beechwood. Memorialization is often integrated into our urn interment locations that are outlined below.


Protective Burial Vault

For families choosing in-ground urn burial, many select a protective burial vault. A burial vault is a lined and sealed outer receptacle that houses the urn. It protects the urn from the weight of the earth and heavy maintenance equipment that will pass over the grave. It also helps resist water and preserves the beauty of the cemetery by preventing the ground from settling. Beechwood has a selection of vaults with varying features from which a family may choose. Click here to learn about Cremation at Beechwood.


Single Graves and Two-Grave (Double) Lots

Locations that are typically used for casket burials can also be used by families for multiple urn burials, or by families in which some members prefer a cremation urn burial and others want a casket burial. To optimize the use of the cemetery and extend the use of family locations well into the future, Beechwood offers single graves and two-grave lots, or double lots, which can accommodate caskets only, urns only, or combinations of caskets and urns. For example, a single grave can accommodate up to two caskets and eight urns. A twograve lot, or double lot, can accommodate up to four caskets and sixteen urns or become a Family Estate Urn Lot for up to twenty urn burials. This is also an environmentally friendly option with respect to property usage. In addition, it is economical as the cost per person declines as the number of interments in one location increases.


Flower Bed Memorial

Designed to accommodate up to two urns with a bronze plaque on a flush granite memorial, Beechwood’s Flower Bed Memorials are located on the perimeter of beautiful flower beds within our Botanical Cremation Garden.


Flower Vase Memorial

Located within the Botanical Cremation Garden, Beechwood’s bronze-on-granite Vase Memorials are designed to accommodate up to two urns and provide families the opportunity to honour their loved ones with bouquets of fresh flowers within a removable bronze vase.


Wall Cameo Memorial

Visible throughout the entire year, Beechwood’s Wall Cameo bronze memorials are placed on a beautiful mason-hewn stone wall located within the Botanical Cremation Gardens. Designed to accommodate up to two urns, the Wall Cameo bronze plaques are positioned directly above the in-ground interment at the base of the wall.


Family Estate Urn Lots – Botanical Gardens

Located in the Botanical Cremation Gardens, these are designed specifically for families with larger upright monuments that are visible year-round, with the capacity for up to ten urns. This will ensure a final resting place for future generations. All family estate lots are uniform in style to blend into the beauty of the botanical garden.


Family Bench of Stone Memorial

Throughout our Botanical Cremation Gardens among a natural canvas of flowers, plants and trees, Beechwood’s Family Bench of Stone Memorials have some of the most breathtaking panoramic views of the historic cradle of our nation’s government, Parliament Hill. By selecting our unique and exclusive Family Bench of Stone Memorials, families are presented with an option to place up to four urns with bronze plaques affixed to the Bench.


Poet’s Hill Memorial

Located in Beechwood’s beautiful Poet’s Hill, in sight of our nation’s house of Parliament, each Poet Hill interment location provides for up to two urns set alongside a bed of beautiful flowers. Each location is remembered with a book-shaped marker with room for a literary quote or poem inscription.


Columbarium Niches – Mausoleum

Located within Beechwood’s statuesque Mausoleum is the Beechwood Columbarium. Forever housed within meticulously crafted urns of wood, bronze or marble, cremated remains can be memorialized in glass and marble niches.


Columbarium Niches – Memorial Centre

Located within our elegant Beechwood Reception Centre, families can choose locations with space for two, four and even up to six urns protectively housed in an exclusive private chamber.


Columbarium Niches – Outdoor

Beechwood has constructed three columbarium niches that are strategically placed in the cemetery in locations selected for their beauty and historical significance. To last an eternity, these columbarium niches have been constructed entirely of granite. Each niche is designed to accommodate two urns with inscriptions engraved on the front of the niche.


Columbarium Niches – The Rockeries and Hosta Garden

Family Columbarium Niches are placed in Beechwood’s natural rockeries among the largest collection of hostas in Eastern Ontario and Western Québec. Families may choose locations to accommodate from two up to twelve urns with or without a bench where they may sit and enjoy the serene landscape of the rockeries and hostas.

The Two-Niche Columbarium with Bench will accommodate up to four urns placed along a winding pathway bordered by many varieties of hostas, with a bench placed for family members to sit and enjoy the magnificent surroundings.

The Four-Niche Columbarium with Bench will accommodate up to eight urns positioned on the edge of the pathway among the hostas. A bench is placed beside for family members to enjoy the beautiful natural setting. Families’ names are placed at the top of each structure and are easily visible from one of Beechwood’s treed roads that wind their way through the cemetery.