Beechwood Mausoleum

Overlooking the Beechwood National Memorial Centre sits the Beechwood Mausoleum. The first stones, quarried from Beechwood’s very ground were laid in the late 1920’s and the building was finally completed in 1930. The building of considerable architectural merit, it was constructed by a company separate from the cemetery, Canada Mausoleums Ltd. Shortly after building, the company soon disappeared and Beechwood took possession of the mausoleum and has cared for it ever since.

Unique in Ottawa, this 1930’s Gothic mausoleum reflects the same architecture as the Parliament Buildings. The Beechwood Mausoleum represents a revival of certain features of ancient buildings, particularly elaborately-carved stonework depicting mythological and other creatures, and the use of finely-crafted stained glass windows.

The centre of the Mausoleum contains the Chapel. While the altar has since been removed, the spectacular solid bronze Chapel doors are still in place. The doors, embossed with symbols of the Christian faith, open to reveal the vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows, created by artist James Blomfield.

Come, experience this unique building in Ottawa, and let the Beechwood Mausoleum provide you with a moment of serenity in the heart of the city.