Beechwood Way - Spring 2023 - Vol 24

SPRING IS FINALLY HERE and it’s when Beechwood truly comes to life. Our flowers are growing, our gardens are becoming colourful and bright. We will be welcoming back walkers, families, friends and our local community to come and explore the colourful displays of flowers. And then in May, our tulip displays will bring people from around the region to see and explore.

As for the last 150 years, people will enjoy our amazing floral displays. Interestingly, as early as 1874 (only a year after we were founded), local newspapers were encouraging people to visit. We welcomed it then, and we welcome our community now. The 150th anniversary has given us an opportunity to look back and celebrate our history.

More importantly, it has allowed us to celebrate the stories that have made us, the people, communities, groups and national organizations that have chosen us.

We have so many interesting events coming or currently underway. We are so proud of the programming this year and really feel that we are sharing our passion for our grounds, for our community.

Our programming is free and can only be offered because of our donors who have been so kind to support us and continue to help us build for the next 150 years.