Beechwood’s Annual Historical Tour – A Walk through 150 Years

Join us, as we honour five people who have not only impacted the world around them but also the landscape of Beechwood Cemetery. Starting with Beechwood’s founder and moving through history to modern-day heroes, attendees can talk and interact with the actors bringing these stories to life.

For the first time in over 25 years, Beechwood presents the Annual Historical Tour as a living library. Learn firsthand about incredible people and how they shaped history.

This year Beechwood will be highlighting:

  • Joseph Currier - a lumber baron of bytown and also one of the Founders of Beechwood Cemetery.
  • James Mather- One of the finest architects in early Bytown, he also designed all the buildings currently on the Beechwood property.
  • John Macoun - Canada’s foremost field naturalist, the Macoun Marsh is named in honour of his work.
  • Mauril Bélanger - An incredible politician who fought for duelist rights, protection of equality and more, he was the reason Beechwood Cemetery became the National Cemetery of Canada.
  • Grete Hale - A successful business women and philanthropist, she is one of the reasons Beechwood still exists to this day and helped bring Beechwood to National status.


As the actors will conclude at 4 pm, we suggest arriving before 3:20 to enjoy the full experience.

Dress appropriately for the weather

Sunscreen and bug spray

For more information, contact us by phone at 613-741-9530 or by email at