Celebrating Latin American Heritage with the Latin American Soldiers Committee

Beechwood Cemetery was proud to host a recent event organized by the Latin American Soldiers Committee (LASC), where attendees were treated to an immersive exploration of Latin American Soldiers contribution to Canada’s military history. The event, aimed at fostering awareness and appreciation for Latin American history, and community engagement, featured a diverse array of presentations and discussions.

LASC Members provided attendees insights into the origins and evolution of LASC, highlighting its role as a pivotal organization in the preservation and promotion of Latin American military heritage in Canada. Throughout the event, emphasis was placed on the importance of fostering meaningful connections within the Latin American community. Discussions centered on strategies for building dialogue and strengthening bonds within the community.

Peruvian Community Presentation – Update on Research

The Casa Cultural Peruana Inc. provided a presentation on ongoing research within the Peruvian community with valuable insights into the historical and cultural nuances that shape Latin American identities and the difficulties of research within a bi-national military service or career.

LASC reiterated its commitment to preserving and promoting Latin American heritage through various initiatives, including advocating for the installation of headstones for Latin American soldiers and developing comprehensive learning packages. The committee's efforts were recognized by the Canadian historical community. Attendees were informed of upcoming initiatives and petitions aimed at advancing the mission of Latin American Soldiers Committee.

Additionally, plaque presentations honored the contributions of Casa Cultural Peruana Inc. and Centre Culturel Jaguar Ix Balam for their exception work in the community and dedication to helping keep Latin-American Soldiers memory alive.

The event concluded with a video presentation of the lives of Latin-American Soldiers and their service to Canada during the First and Second World Wars.

In summary, the event provided attendees with a comprehensive overview of Latin American military contribution to Canada. The Latin American Soldiers Committee looks forward to continuing its efforts to preserve and celebrate Latin American heritage in the future.

For the Richard Lawrence Photography Picture Gallery of the event, please click here.