The Forgotten Battle Series-Ending November 18

The Forgotten Battle Series is a new educational program offered by Beechwood and a dedicated partner. The series looks to celebrate a moment in Canadian Military History and how that moment impacted our reputation, the direction of a conflict/war or a definitive moment in Canadian History and the relationship with other nations or groups in society.

This year, in partnership with the Netherlands Embassy, small artifacts were brought over from the Scheldt Regional Museum. These artifacts depict items from the World War II that were turned into art, toys and useful tools after the Battle of the Scheldt. This temporary exhibit will only be on display until November 18th. The items then need to be sent back to their home in the Netherlands.

The Battle of the Scheldt in World War II was a series of military operations led by the First Canadian Army, with Polish and British units attached, to open the shipping route to Antwerp so that its port could be used to supply the Allies in north-west Europe. Under acting command of the First Canadian's Lieutenant-General Guy Simonds, the battle took place in northern Belgium and southwestern Netherlands from 2 October to 8 November 1944. After five weeks of difficult fighting, the Canadian First Army, at a cost of 12,873 Allied casualties (half of them Canadian), was successful in clearing the Scheldt after numerous amphibious assaults, obstacle crossings and costly assaults over open ground.

Location: The Beechwood National Memorial Center

Eastern corridor

A info booklet is available upon request or download it here.