RCMP National Memorial Cemetery Cenotaph

At the centre of the RCMP National Memorial Cemetery stands the cenotaph with an RCMP member saluting those who have died in the line of duty and who are memorialized on the honour roll. Originally unveiled on June 14 2014, the cenotaph is the focal point for all ceremonies within the RCMP NMC at Beechwood.

This honour roll provides a constant reminder to all those who visit the RNMC at Beechwood of the service and sacrifice of over 246 RCMP members. The plaque reads: All those who gave their lives are inscribed in order by date beginning with Sub. CST.J. Nash. Each additional inscription can be read by moving to the next inscription to the right and continuing around the monument counter clockwise.

Honour Roll erected to the memory of members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who gave their lives whilst in the performance of their duty. For the Trumpet Shall Sound. 1 Corinthians 15.52

The RCMP statue is made of reinforced bronze and weigh nearly 1200 pounds.

At each corner of the cenotaph, stepping stones, facing north, east, south and west, are carved with the ensigns of each division, the Commissioner, the RCMP Veterans and various other components of the RCMP.

The gardens surrounding the existing Cenotaph are meant to reflect a sense of structure, tradition, and formality. The bloom colours chosen (red, blue, yellow), were meant to represent the RCMP’s official colours. It was important to choose a plant that would maintain its red bloom throughout the entire season, therefore the red Annual Geranium –represents the concept of red Poppies. The yellow is present with the Yarrow plant which also has a long blooming period. The blue is represented by the Salvia, an early summer blooming Perennial.

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