Beechwood is the final resting place to many people who have made significant contributions to Canada and the world.

In 1980, The Beechwood Cemetery Foundation began producing a booklet with profiles for renowned individuals who have been laid to rest at Beechwood. Since then, Beechwood has grown in national significance, first becoming the home of the National Military Cemetery of the Canadian Forces in 2001, being recognized as a National Historic Site in 2002 and finally by becoming the home of the RCMP National Memorial Cemetery in 2004.

This culminated in 2009 with Beechwood’s designation as the National Cemetery of Canada by way of Bill C-17, an Act of Parliament that received all-party support in the House of Commons. Beechwood now serves as a place of national tribute and remembrance for all Canadians.

Historial Portraits Book
With almost 400 famous burials ranging from writers, to explorers, to inventors, to businessmen, this book of famous burials is a work in progress, constantly adding to Beechwood’s rich history and helping to preserve the history of our great nation.

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A sampling of some famous people who are buried at Beechwood follows:


John Rudolphus Booth, 1827-1925

Ottawa’s foremost lumber baron
Section 50½, Lot 1

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Sir Robert Laird Borden, 1854-1937

Canada’s eighth Prime Minister
Section 60, Lot 46

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Sir Sandford Fleming, 1827-1915

Scientist, engineer, and inventor of our modern-day time zones
Section 49, Lots 13, 14

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Faith Fyles, 1875-1961

Botanist and artist at Ottawa’s Experimental Farm
Section 40, Lot 80 SE, Grave 1

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Archibald Lampman, 1861-1899

Confederation Poet
Section 25, Lot 17 N Ctr.

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John Macoun, 1831-1920

Canada’s foremost field naturalist
Section 39, Lot 73 S

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William McDougall, 1822-1905

Father of Confederation
Corridor A, Section 30, Crypt E

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General Andrew George Latta McNaughton, 1887-1966

Soldier, scientist, politician and diplomat
Section 53, Lot 21 S

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Ida Van Courtland Tavernier, 1835-1924

Travelling star of the Victorian stage
Section 50, Lot 63 NE

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