Flower Bed Renewal

Red Geranium –  Border
Pink Geranium – Border
Purple Salvia - Border
Red Begonia/ Boarder
Bicolour Begonia/Border

Flower Bed Renewal

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For exisiting flowerbeds, we take special care of the flowerbed from the time of planting (no later than second week of June) until the mid-October.   

The annual flowerbed program consists of the following services:

  • planting of annual flowers, 
  • fertilizing, 
  • watering, 
  • weeding, and, 
  • edging of flower beds. 

Beechwood’s Horticultural Department offers 7 different flowerbed options for you to choose. Beechwood’s Chief Horticulturist reserves the right to change a flower selection to ensure you have the best option for your location. If you are unsure whether your lot is a sunny or shady location, 
please select the “WE SELECT” option. 

All orders received after May 21 will be deferred to the 2025 calendar year.

**Please note: Flowerbeds are not permitted in the National Military Cemetery or in Sections 64 and 102.

* Cost is applicable to two-grave lots or single graves only and includes plant material, fertilizer and maintenance of the flowerbeds.  For Monuments larger than five feet wide, please contact us directly for a quote.


**Please note: Flowerbeds are not permitted in the National Military Cemetery.

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