The Beechwood Way - Summer 2023 Vol.25

A 150TH ANNIVERSARY is a milestone moment, and Beechwood Cemetery has celebrated and honoured every one of the 150 years. We have had the opportunity to welcome new groups for new events and seen historical groups come back and celebrate together.

For the first time since 1938, family, friends and fellow Freemasons came together to honour those in the Freemason’s Burial Plot. Beginning with a short walk past former Grand Masters, the ceremony took place in front of the monument honouring Masons who have passed.

We also unveiled the 150 Pictures A Visual Walkthrough, 150 Years of Beechwood Cemetery. This Picture Gallery celebrates the history of Beechwood from the very beginning in 1873 to the present day. The 150 curated images provide a visual history from the very first mention of Beechwood Cemetery in 1863 on the MacKay Estate Map to the unveiling of the military’s Indigenous sacred symbols in 2022 to milestones in the development of the National Cemetery of Canada.

Spanning over 600 feet (182 metres), the display consists of 150 curated images printed on aluminum panels (2 feet tall by 3 feet long) installed on Section 112. Each image has a brief bilingual description. Beechwood invites everyone to come and visit this unique and meaningful display that celebrates our relationship with the communities we serve.

As September has arrived, our Annual Historical Tour will bring more visitors to Beechwood and they will learn about several people who have shaped Beechwood and truly make us A Place for the Living.